This past year (2020) Quantalytix worked on becoming SOC 2 Type 1 compliant. As part of this endeavor, I was tasked with leading the project and wanted to use this article as a way to gather my thoughts on the undertaking and share the lessons I learned along the way.

In January 2021 I decided to sign up for a Half-Ironman scheduled for May.

The decision arose from a number of variables but the following ones are the main drivers:

  1. I want to start living at a higher physical fitness level
  2. The window of opportunity to achieve peak physical levels…

Among the other topics people suggested I write about, fundraising seemed to take on a lot of interest and was something people were curious about.

In this article, I would like to share my thoughts on fundraising as a startup — discussing the who, what, when, where, why, and how

I don’t mean to sound too academic, too proper, or too “influencer” in this post. However, I did write this due to a large number of my peers inquiring about my political views.

The first thing I will tell anyone is to revert to the root meaning of “politics”.


For most of us, January is seen as an inflection point in life. It’s the start of a New Year; a new you; and a new adventure full of excitement and mystery.

Now the truth is, it isn’t really an infection point until you can look back and say it…

This is a very brief article.

I felt compelled to write this based on a few presentations, lectures, and talks I have given in the past few weeks.

Below are a few bits of advice I have found useful in my life and would like to share with others:

  1. Remove…

Founders and Funders: a collaborative conversation about raising capital in Alabama.


Our goal is to bring together Alabama startup founders and funding sources to provide perspectives on what it’s like start, fund, and scale a company in Alabama — from the office to VC’s.

Through a series of topics…

Will Bryant

Political Science -> Finance -> Technology

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